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3DMG - The best way to travel.

fucking Mikasa tho like how does she not vomit

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eye-water | とごー [pixiv] 

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Reblog If You Love Erwin Smith


I’m trying to prove a point to a guy I know who said that Erwin is useless, weak, stupid and no one likes him

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Answer this with ten facts about yourself then pass it to your ten favourite followers o(≧▽≦)o

1. among the brave

2. red

3. 22

4. october 31st, 1990

5. Hobbies are concert/shows, comics, games, anime, manga, drawing

6. live in Texas

7. Im sadly short but people say its cute

8. Im a girl

9. I have a undying love for pokemon and digimon

10. my dream is to become a professional musician and travel the world, meet lots of people, touch lives and hear stories, see places, experience new cultures. When im older i like to do this while being a professional photographer and make comics. ( this being related to #1.)

:) xoxo

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All Time Favorite Characters » 7. Ymir

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It was like a nightmare.

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"I won’t leave you here."

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エレンの手 (x)

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Shingeki no Pusheen

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